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2015 Fantasy Football Outlook

With fall fast approaching, Football season is fast approaching. Equally, if not more important to many, Fantasy Football season is also approaching. This brief guide provides some ideas to prospective owners as to what trends to look for in the upcoming season.

Beware of Running Backs

Conventional wisdom once dictated that drafting a high output running back was a surefire way to ensure Fantasy Football success. Those days are no more, as the days of Ladainian Tomlinson, and Priest Holmes are long gone. While Jamaal Charles, and Matt Forte are dynamic backs who score major fantasy points due to a combination of rushing and receiving yards, and Adrian Peterson and DeMarco Murray have histories as workhorse rushers, Fantasy Football running backs are riskier propositions than ever before. With more and more teams emphasizing the passing game and derivations of the spread offense, a top flight running back is no longer guaranteed to score a lot of fantasy points on a weekly basis. Buyer beware.

Wide Receiver Bonanza

The flip side of the devaluation of running backs in the NFL is the enhanced status of Wide Receivers. Julio Jones, Alshon Jeffrey, Odell Beckham Jr., Calvin Johnson, Dez Bryant,Antonio Brown, the list of high impact Wide Receivers is seemingly endless. A Fantasy Football owner can now obtain a quality wideout in the middle to late rounds of their Fantasy Football draft.

Changing of the Guard at Quarterback

With the four game suspension of Tom Brady to start off the season, and Peyton Manning breaking in a new offense in Denver, a changing of the guard at quarterback is starting to take place in the NFL. While Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers still figure to put up huge numbers, younger quarterbacks are taking over the league. From Andrew Luck to Derek Carr to Cam Newton, younger quarterbacks are viable Fantasy Football options which might very well equal a winning formula for your team.

It’s All About Defense

While the old adage, defense wins championships might not be true of Fantasy Football, having a strong defense on your team, might be the difference between winning and losing on a weekly basis. The Bills, Seahawks, and Jets (yes, the Jets!) are great places to look for solid fantasy production.

Enjoy the Season

2015 figures to be another enjoyable NFL season, and another enjoyable, and lucrative for some, Fantasy Football season. Enjoy!

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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