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5 Tips for the NBA Fantasy Owner

The NBA season is fast approaching. For fantasy team owners, this means it’s time to build an elite team to take you to the championships at the end of the season. Most seasoned owners know the ins and outs of drafting an elite team, but for newcomers, it’s a little difficult to understand that the best player isn’t always the best for your team. Here are 5 tips to help you success at building a great NBA fantasy team and managing it throughout the season.

1. Research
The most important thing to do is research. This means you have to determine which type of league you want to join, understand player statistics, and create a strategy to keep you going throughout the 82 game season and playoffs. The best places to start are at Yahoo Sports and ESPN’s Fantasy Draft site. They’ll provide information on the type of leagues and provide you with an in depth analysis of each player, including injuries, which will be talked about later.

2. Draft Lebron
If you’re the lucky person to get the first draft, you have the difficult choice of selecting the first player in your league’s draft mostly because if you mess this up, it can ruin your entire team. You won’t be able to select again until twice the number of rounds later in a snake draft. This may be the hardest yet easiest choice to make. The best player in the league for the past few years has been Lebron James, and with any team he’s on, there’s definitely going to be an advantage. He’s a scorer, passer, and has a body big enough to rebound. He’s the perfect player to build your fantasy team.

3. Get a center fast
The center position in the league hasn’t had the same quality in the past few years. With the recent NBA GM survey 90% of the votes were attributed to two players: Marc Gasol and Demarcus Cousins. If you are in the right position and can grab either of these two, you’ll have a great boost in points, assists, and rebounds because both players are adept at all three of those statistics.

4. Watch out for injuries
If you start an injured player, points will not be given for your team. Make sure you swap these players out and put in players that will earn you points.

5. Keep track of your team
The season and playoffs are long. They’re long for players, coaches, and fans. It’s important to keep up with your league at least once a week. If a team is put in place for the entire 82 games without checking it’s easy to miss out on players who are under performing, or injuries that are taking away points from your team.

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