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A Few Fantasy Football Tools

If you think that you can just go it alone in your fantasy league and come out on top, you have another thing coming. Even the sharpest of the sharp players at fantasy football need a little help in order to get the job done. Luckily, the games are so popular these days that plenty of tools have sprung up to help players.

Consider the Fantasy Draft Pro Wizard tool available online. What this tool does is allows you to set up a mock draft whereby you draft your players against robots. The computer program runs a simulation of what other smart players might do in a draft so that you can plan strategies against them. Doing this means that you can prepare yourself for how you want the draft to work under a variety of conditions. Just set the number of members of your league and you are ready to go.

For those who need actionable news as soon as it happens from all around the league, you might want to try out a little site called Football Guys. Though the site looks pretty basic, it actually has some of the latest and most up to date information. There is even a paid part of the service that allows users to get quick e-mail alerts as soon as something new happens around the league.

Not all players are going to fork over money in order to get those very latest e-mail alerts, but players who take the game and league very seriously may find it to be an expense that is worth it to them. They can certainly react to those e-mails quickly and thus perhaps make a move in the league that benefits their chances of winning overall greatly.

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