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A Spotlight Shines On The Cleveland Browns QBs

The Browns have been a team in the spotlight ever since they used their draft position to take Johnny Manziel as a quarterback. Manziel of course generated a number of headlines while he was in college football realm. However, he did not seem to pan out all that well when he was called upon to perform on the actual big stage. This has left something of a vortex in the Browns quarterback position.

There are now rumors that the Browns are going to take steps to try to move up the draft board in order to get a shot at drafting Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota. They want to see if they can get this quarterback and help bolster their chances of at least making a playoff run. The team has been unable to do so for a number of years.

Mariota is sure to generate a lot of headlines no matter which team he is drafted to. However, if he is drafted to a team like the Browns, then he is likely to make a splash almost immediately as they would be almost certain to start him. Fantasy team owners might want to start their scouting of Mariota now to see if he would be a good fit with the rest of their fantasy drafted team. It would seem like he could make for a good quarterback for a lot of teams.

New players to the league are always a bit of a wild card. No one can know for sure if they are going to make the impact that they seem to be able to while in college. At the same time, a new and exciting player like this can sometimes motivate a team just enough to get them to a point where they are performing better than expected.

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