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With the increased interest in fantasy sports, many players are turning their attention to online daily fantasy games. Sites like Fanduel and Draftkings are attracting fantasy players who want to explore new sports, new game styles and have the freedom to field a new team each and every day.

Whether the player wants to put some money on the line and try their luck at landing a big pay day or if they just want the thrill of the competition with no money involved, there is a game available for any budget, even a non-existent one. Both Fanduel and Draftkings offer free games for players wanting to enjoy the fun without it costing them anything. On the other hand, both sites also feature high dollar buy-in games that put out huge rewards for fielding the best squad. All it takes is a Paypal or checking account and anyone can try their luck at winning the big bucks. Games can range from a simple $1 buy-in all the way to $6,000 buy-in games that reap massive rewards.

Another benefit from utilizing daily fantasy games sites is the wide variety of sports that are available to play. Draftkings offers nine different sports; MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, PGA Tour Golf, Soccer and MMA. Obviously when the sports are not available during the off-season but there is always available games to get in on almost every day of the year. Fanduel offers six sports; NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Basketball and College Football.

The way that drafting a team works is very simple, each player has a value assigned to them. One must build a team of players without exceeding the maximum budget available for that game. Skill comes into play here due to the simple fact that one must be skilled enough to balance their budgets and their teams by not overpaying for valuable assets that can help them win big money. It would be easy for everyone playing if they could all draft the best players at each position but the budget forces players to do their research and choose players who may be considered “sleepers”.

Another huge benefit to playing daily games is the variety of game types available. There are large tournaments with thousands of players competing against each other to one versus one challenges along with everything in-between. One of the most popular games on Draftkings and Fanduel are the 50-50 games. 50-50 games are a type of game where a player buys in with an amount of their choice ranging from $1 to $1000. In this game, there is no need to beat everyone in the contest because everyone who finishes in the top half is considered a winner. Typically, the player is paid back 1.8 times their buy-in total. For example, if $5 is what the buy-in was, if the player finishes in the top half of the field, they will receive $9 back. There is also a game called a double-up where the buy-in is paid back in full but they don’t pay out the top half, they pay around the top 44 percent.

Along with these game types, there are large tournaments where there will be thousands of other teams and they will pay out the top 10% of players with the winner taking the largest cut. Also, there are many more options for 3, 5 or 10 player games where the top 1, 2 or 3 players paid by order they finish in.

When it comes to daily sports games, there is literally a game for everyone with every interest, budget and game preference.

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