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After Week 1: What’s the Most Important Position?

After the first week of the NFL (and Fantasy) season, we can look at some of the trends that occurring by position and make a few inferences into what is the most important position on the field. Personally, knowing where to allocate my money is extremely important. For obvious reasons, I am not gonna drop 20% of my budget on a kicker or defense because typically, they score the lowest (nor is it possible for me to do so). But between the four highest scoring positions; QB, RB, WR and TE, which one of these positions should we look at as the most important?

Let me start by saying tight end is out already, there just aren’t enough of them nor do they get enough targets as a whole to warrant being the most important position on the field. I didn’t even want to mention them as a possibility but I would have felt guilty about being as I was a tight-end back in High School. QB’s are notorious for consistently picking up points but can also be more apt to take a few negative plays because they have the chance of throwing a pick or they can fumble on any play, no other position on the field can do that. But they can also throw or run on any down in reality, making them a dual threat option. Last season, the player with the most Yards-Per-Carry (YPC) in the league was…. Russel Wilson. Followed in second by Colin Kaepernick.

Running backs seem to score the touchdowns and in season long leagues, running backs are always going first over QB’s and Wide Receivers. But should they? Fantasy guru’s everywhere, will tell you yes but merely for the fact that more running backs score TDs than receivers, tight ends and QBs. But in reality, one of the reasons backs are so much more affective is that they are dual-threats. Justin Forsett will catch 75+ balls out of the backfield this season along with a few hundred carries. No other position on the field can do that.

Last year, 84 receivers averaged over 10 yards per catch (not including the 21 TEs/RBs) or more. In season long formats, receivers immensely underrated as the top tier is so much better in production than the 2nd and 3rd tiers. Having two top tiered receivers can single handily win seasons. Also, keep in mind that most daily sites are PPR formats, something that RB’s benefit from much less and QB’s benefit from none.

So what can we gather from all of this gibberish? Well let’s take a look at the top 10 scorers on FD this week and see what positions they are.

  • Carlos Hyde (RB)
  • Julio Jones (WR)
  • Rob Gronkowski (TE)
  • DeAndre Hopkins (WR)
  • Tom Brady (QB)
  • Tyler Eifert (TE)
  • Carson Palmer (QB)
  • Austin Seferian-Jenkins (TE)
  • Matt Forte (RB)
  • Marcus Mariota (QB)

The first thing we notice with the above is that there are 3 QBs’s, 3 TE’s, 2 WR’s and 2 RB’s. First things first, I don’t expect there to ever be 3 TE’s finishing in the top 10 again. Too many good receivers and backs had poor weeks (OBJ, Calvin, Adrian, etc.) and too many solid QB’s had mediocre to average weeks at best. Seferian-Jenkins shouldn’t hit 20 points again all season looking at that team and the QB play he is having after week one and keep in mind that Eifert was playing the Raiders, pretty sure Chris Berman could drop a few points on the Raiders.

So what is our answer you ask? Which position is the most important? The honest to god answer is that there is no true best. It comes down to the FDP player and what they prefer and are comfortable with. Me personally, I do fairly well on FD and I prefer to save money on my QB/TE/K/D and depending on match-ups throw a ton of cash at receivers and running backs. With the PPR format and the way the NFL game continues to trend toward a predominantly passing league, running backs are extremely appealing to me and one good, scratch that, ELITE receiver has me feeling comfortable going into any week. In other words, I don’t care who your other players are this week, put Justin Forsett into your roster and one of the top 5 receivers.

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GRFF Staff

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