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Almost Playoffs: Player Injuries That You Need To Know About

Every week there are injuries in the league that fantasy basketball players need to know about. It is vital to stay on top of this information so as to make the shifts in a roster that are necessary to score the most points possible. Obviously, no one wants to play players that are injured and out of the game. They don’t have to if they are keeping track of who is out.

This week, Lakers player Wesley Johnson is returning to the team, but he is still not going to be able to play. It turns out that his injuries have still caused enough problems that he is simply not going to be able to put in the work that is necessary to get back in the game just yet. It is a good sign however that he is at least returning to the team at this point. This is a strong indicator that things are at least moving in the right direction.

Kevin Martin for the Timberwolves has gone on the injured reserve for the time being as well. He was feeling ill during the team’s shoot around and has thus been listed as questionable for the team’s next game. Even if he is able to make it, fantasy NBA players may want to back off from using him. There is a decent chance that he will not be feeling his best, and this can be problematic for players who are trying to use him to earn some fantasy points. He is simply likely to be off his game.

Kirk Hinrich of the Bulls is another player this week who will be out of the game. He sustained a knee injury that will keep him out of at least the next game and may be a longer break from the action for him depending on how serious the injury is and how he heals.

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