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April 15th: Taking A Look At The Picks For This Coming Week

Undoubtedly, there are plenty of fantasy sports players already looking ahead to see which picks are right for them in the week to come. This is a smart move to make in order to stay on top of things.

The first one to take a look at has to be Danny Duffy. This pitcher has proven that it is worthwhile to keep an eye on pitching talent when it is warranted. He was a beast when he played in the minors, and many expect that he will carry that talent on to his major league play. Of course, that is something that is up to debate, but there are plenty of backers behind Mr. Duffy.

Scott Kazmir is a left handed pitcher who is striking many as another great pick. Unfortunately for those just hearing about this now, he is not available in a lot of the leagues out there. Too many have simply snapped him up at this point. They know the value that he possesses, and they are not letting others get their chance at getting him before they do.

The wild card comes in the form of Michael Pineda. There is simply not a lot of information about him to go on. He has only played 76 innings in the major league since he was first acquired by the Yankees. That can be a determent in terms of his ability to perform. Some are questioning how much of a body of work this player has to make a fantasy team. Still with an 1.89 ERA in 13 starts, he appears strong. His Spring Training season was good as well, and this may be enough to put him over the top for a lot of owners.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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