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As The Season Wraps Up, Who Are You Drafting?

There is not much time at all left in the NBA season. For fans this is a tough pill to swallow as they try to get in their NBA action as much as possible before the season winds down. For fantasy sports players, it is the last chance to grab some of the best talent available in the league.

The Lakers have a player named Jordan Clarkson that is worth a look right now. He has received extra attention in fantasy leagues right now, and this may make his price tag higher than it has been in the past. However, it may well be worth it. Clarkson has pulled in an average of 38 fantasy points per game while only playing 36 minutes in each game. That is better than a point per minute that can be expected from this guy. He may be worth the higher price.

Dwyane Wade is a household name that is not going to be an under the radar pick for anyone. However, he is still worth it for the value that he is receiving right now. His price has fallen to such a point that he is an obvious pickup for the last few remaining games of the season. Injuries have plagued him this season, but he looks prepared to start once again, and this will likely bring him the boost he needs to put up some major points.

Finally, don’t overlook Rodney Hood. The man has turned up the jets right when he needed to. He is playing his best game of the entire season and the timing could not be better. He has brought in at least 24 fantasy points per game in each of the last five games that he has been involved in. This makes him a prime candidate to be picked up.

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