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Avoid These Fantasy Football Players…For Now

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Fantasy Football is about minimizing risk while maximizing potential. Unlike other fantasy sports, DFS MLB for example, players want to focus on setting their floor as high as possible. The steady, consistent contributor will be worth more in the long run than the guy who can occasionally win a week all on his own. finding consistency is all about knowing when to get off of the hype train. Listed below we will detail several borderline elite players who should be avoided this season.

Preseason in the NFL has only just recently started and football is finally back in action. With the 2015 regular season only a few weeks away now, it’s time for the 2015 fantasy football season to make its way back also.

High Risk Running Backs

Justin Forsett – Baltimore Ravens
When Ray Rice was dropped from the team following domestic abuse violations it was Justin Forsett who stepped up in the backfield. The 29 year old running back, standing at only 5’9, managed to rack up 1,529 all purpose yards with 8 scores, making him an elite option at a thin position. Forsett has an ADP in the 2nd round but that is far too high for the red flags we are seeing. Forsett is nearing 30 years old and had 347 career touches before last years 235 mark. With a slight body and a skillset that isn’t elite, Forsett is a prime candidate to regress back to the 800 – 900 yard range.

Another fantasy player that should be approached with caution is Oakland Raiders running back Trent Richardson. Back in 2012, Richardson was selected by the Cleveland Browns as the third overall pick, with the team needing a fresh set of legs. However, with the exception of his rookie year in Cleveland, Richardson’s NFL career has not bloomed to its full potential at all, or even come close. Since his rookie year he has posted there mediocre rushing seasons, and is now on his third team. With this in mind, it is best to avoid him due to the fact that he only rushed for a little over 500 yards and only scored 3 touchdowns all of last year, bringing in only 90 fantasy points. In addition to this, as well as being extremely low ranking in favor of other running backs, Richardson also has yet to play a full 16-game season.

High Risk Wide Receiver

Kelvin Benjamin – Carolina Panthers
Last season we saw Benjamin go in the lottery of most rookie drafts. The 6’5 wide out tore up the league, making acrobatic catches to the tune of 73 grabs for 1,008 yards and 9 scores. His season was not without growing pains, however, as he repeatedly flubbed his routes and dropped catchable balls. Already this offseason KB13 has come into camp overweight and mired with hamstring issues. Add in a more polished rookie WR in Devin Funchess and Benjamin is primed to come back to Earth. Look for a Keenan Allen type regression (77 catches, 783 yards, 4 TDs).

High Risk Tight End

Rob Gronkowski – New England Patriots
There is no player in the NFL as talented or effective as a healthy Rob Gronkowski. Having caught 54 touchdowns in 65 career regular season games, Gronkowski is a game changer on the field. However, the Patriots will be without Tom Brady for the first 4 weeks of the season and you’ll still have to pay at least 2nd round value in order to grab the Gronk. Gronkowski is the only Tier 1 tight end left in the game but he is not worth that high of a pick. Grab Jimmy Graham a round later or go for a guy like Zach Ertz in the 6th or 7th.

High Risk Quarterback

One such fantasy football player to avoid, specifically at the start of the 2015 season, is none other than Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The reason for why avoiding Brady is a necessity is simply because he won’t be playing the first few games of the regular season due to his suspension for a team scandal, so he’ll have no impact on anyone’s teams. At the same time however, keep in mind that once his suspension is completed there’s a good chance he’ll be back in the starting lineup playing at his absolute fullest potential, so it’s not necessarily a good idea to not pick him up at all.

For many long-time fantasy veterans, now is the time to try and pick up where they left off as far as the new season goes and either improve on or match their results from last season. For the newbies, now’s the time to learn about fantasy football and see why it’s such a popular internet activity.

In order to have a good shot at winning the league, it’s important for fantasy players to draft the best football players onto their teams as early as possible, in order to get the best shot at winning the league. For instance, choosing elite players in various positions, such as Aaron Rodgers at quarterback or DeMarco Murray at running back are almost a guarantee to bring in big points every week. But for every good player that truly sets a team apart, there are also some players that are best avoided altogether, so that it doesn’t become a burden on the team.

In conclusion, there are plenty of fantasy players that are perfectly suited to make for a good team. There are also several players that should be avoided since they would be more of a liability than an asset for the long run.

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