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Baltimore Ravens Fantasy Picks

The 2015 NFL season is only a few months away and along with the start of a new football season also comes the start of fantasy football as well. It’s the chance for players to start fresh and come up big when the season ends, and there are some studs out there, some of them can be found on the Baltimore Ravens.

Depending on how many players are involved in a given fantasy league for the season, one could end up with either a handful or a complete roster full of players from the Ravens football team. For starters, the first and possibly most obvious choice for league players would be selecting none other than quarterback Joe Flacco. Last season Flacco put up 274 fan points for fantasy members, putting him as the 13th highest scoring QB for football leagues. This upcoming year however, Flacco could do even better with new receiving options in rookie wideout Breshad Perriman and rookie tight end Maxx Williams. Though Flacco didn’t put up the same numbers as Aaron Rodgers, he is still a very viable option and a pick players should take.

Speaking of receiving options, veteran wide receiver Steve Smith Sr is definitely someone that fantasy players should look out for. Smith Sr is entering his 15th season in the league and second with the Baltimore Ravens. Last year he racked up just over 1000 receiving yards and scored six touchdowns, adding to his impressive career and managed to score 140 fantasy points for league players. However, Smith Sr is still an older player and there are already a large number of other receiving options around the league such as Dez Bryant and Calvin Johnson who will be among the first players selected when it comes time to draft. Nevertheless, Steve Smith Sr is definitely a good choice for wide receiver at later rounds, and will put up some good numbers during the season.

Running backs are important options, and Justin Forsett is the Ravens’ starter in that department. Forsett is coming off of a year in which he scored eight rushing touchdowns and ran for over 1200 rushing yards, a career high for him. This was more than enough for him to truly emerge as starting material for the team. He is not an elite, premier back and likely to be skipped over in favor of other high-value backs Adrian Peterson, Demarco Murray or Jamaal Charles. At the same time there is no mistaking his value and would be more than a great option at the running back for fantasy lovers.

With all of this in mind, you can never go wrong with the Ravens’ defense. The Ravens’ defense has always been a stout force, notching 49 sacks last year and scoring the sixth most points in fantasy leagues last year. So it would definitely be a good idea for players to try and snatch the Ravens’ defense early to avoid harder selections later on for this year’s draft.

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