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Baseball’s Evolution

This is quite an interesting time of year when considering the four major sports. There are only 2 days out of the year where there is not one game played in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. Those days are right after the all-star game on Tuesday until games pick up again on Friday. It also just happens to fall almost directly in the middle of the year. It’s a nice time to reflect on the exciting things that happened in the previous 6 months and what’s to come in the next.
We’ve seen the Stanley Cup finals, the NBA Finals, and the Superbowl in the first half of the year. We get to look forward to the completion of the baseball season and the subsequent playoffs. On top of that, the NFL season will be starting sometime in between. People like me will soon begin to mock draft for the fantasy football season.
The only major sport that is still playing its season is Major League Baseball. They have the opportunity to grab all of the attention of sports fans across the nation. Even though they have this perfect opportunity to create more buzz and excitement over their sport, there has been less and less interest over the years. Baseball has never been a sport that likes to evolve with the times. Then it happened. An overall makeover of the Home Run Derby format came to fruition. Instead of pooling all the players together and the top 4 advance, it was converted into a bracket system where there were one on one contests until we reached a winner. After all, everyone loves brackets (see: NCAA Basketball Tournament). Another great adjustment was instead of having outs, the player had a time limit. This allowed the hitters to just swing away at any and all pitches that were thrown. This created a lot more excitement by creating more homers. The MLB could’ve asked for a better ending. The hometown favorite, Todd Frazier, won the derby on the last swing in bonus time.
In all likelihood there will be things that will have to be adjusted with this new format. But the fact that baseball was willing to take the derby and make some significant changes is a good sign for every sports fan and the future of the sport. Baseball was so against changing anything about the sport that it seemed like they would rather let the sport die then to make some evolutionary changes. But we’ve some effort here in the past few years. They’ve instituted a replay system and now are making changes to the home run derby.
The fact that the derby this year created a ton of excitement should prove to baseball officials that change is good sometime. I hope baseball can get back to its glory days where it really was America’s pastime.

Eric Greenberg

Eric Greenberg

Eric Greenberg is originally from Tampa, FL. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a double major in Finance and Economics. Eric spends his time making tons of money on fantasy football.

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