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Benefiting From Injuries in NBA

Like any sport, the NBA has it’s fair share of injuries that occur and it seems like almost every player in the league misses at least a game or two due to injury. Now, I am by no means saying that injuries are a good thing and would never wish them on anyone but when they occur, there is a huge opportunity to benefit in FanDuel games.

When a player who has a big role and plays a ton of minutes goes down, someone always has to replace them. Typically, their output isn’t as good as the starter’s but their price in comparison to their counterpart will be much lower and may provide some decent value. A good example of this theory occurred down in OKC this season. When Russell Westbrook was banged up, Italian PG, Reggie Jackson got the start and his numbers went up in every category, including fantasy points.

Being fully aware of the injury scene around the league, especially when playing daily format games, is crucial. Any given day a starter could be taking the night off for a variety of the reasons and it does not always have to be due to injury (see Tim Duncan taking the game off due to being old every other week situation). Utilizing your resources and finding out whose playing and whose not is an extremely key component to being a dominant NBA FanDuel Player. When Duncan and Parker sit because Popovich wants to keep them fresh for the whole season, the players that are usually seeing more bench than TOC, will finally get some minutes, which typically translates to fantasy points.

Using typical sources such as ESPN and will be extremely helpful in finding cheap players whose minutes will go up. However, there are some risks associated with putting all your chips into a back-up. Make sure before picking up Dwight Howard’s back-up that their won’t be multiple players filling or splitting the open role. They call this, “by committee” and choosing a player who is going to split the open minutes can be disastrous for a FanDueler.

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