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Best Fantasy Football Special Teams

How Do You Grade The Best Special Teams?

Grading special teams for a fantasy football team is a small but important part of the game. Special teams score points routinely, and special teams can win a game with better protection. This article explains how to grade the special teams units in the NFL, and players must use this information to construct their teams. A proper fantasy team only works if it has a special teams unit that can produce regularly.

#1: Patriots And Packers

The Patriots and Packers are two of the best teams in the NFL, and their special teams units are always good. These units score regularly, and the protections for punts and kicks are amazing. These two teams are a good bet when putting together a fantasy roster.

#2: Carolina And Atlanta

Both Carolina and Atlanta have improved immensely this season, and their units are playing much more solid football than they did last year. The special teams play has been tightened up by Ron Rivera and Dan Quinn, and the teams are winning because of their quality special teams plays.

#3: Teams To Avoid

Players who are looking for better special teams play know the franchises they must avoid on a yearly basis. Teams like the Jaguars, Browns, Texans and Cowboys have not played consistently well over the years, and the Cowboys especially are prone to big mistakes. Teams that are not disciplined will rarely put up good special teams numbers, and those teams will let down fantasy football teams that were put together well in every other way.

#4: Do Not Be Afraid To Change

Some NFL teams will be surprising during the season, and those teams are worth a look when they prove that they are coached better than they were in the past. Teams like Carolina, Tennessee and Miami are having a resurgence because of coaching changes or decisions. These teams will produce good results, and players who hitch their wagons to these teams will get amazing results now and in the future.

Choosing the right special teams unit for a fantasy football team is the final piece in a very expensive puzzle. Fantasy football teams are put together with cash deposits, research and expectations that could lead to big winnings. Players who are choosing the right special teams units will enjoy higher earnings every week, and the special teams unit is highly unlikely to let the player down on Sunday.

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