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Best QBs for Fantasy Football Playoffs Week 1

The QBs for fantasy football in week one of the playoffs are going to be the ones that will put up the best numbers. These people are going to have to be able to do something amazing whether their team wins or not. Each of these guys is going to be a great bet, but the fantasy player needs to make sure that they have chosen wisely to get what they need.

Aaron Rodgers

The Packers offense has struggled this year, but Aaron Rodgers could break out at any time. There are a lot of yards for him to throw for, and they are without a running game because Eddie Lacy is not in it right now. The team is going to have to throw, and they will likely win if he can throw for over 400 yards. A breakout game like that would be perfect for fantasy players.

Kirk Cousins

We all like that now, and Kirk Cousins is going to lead his team well in the playoffs. No one knows for sure if he is going to win the game, but there is no doubting how good he is anymore. People are going to have to take him seriously, and he is going to throw for a lot of yards in the game because he is likely going to drag his team through the game. Win or lose does not matter for Kirk so much as his heart, and his heart is going to give people all the fantasy points that they need.

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson is the only thing keeping the Seahawks going at the moment, and he could have a very big game if they team has to win in a shootout. That means that he is going to be the kind of person who is going to do everything, and he is going to get even more points for people who own him. That is very important for this week of the playoffs because he is their only option at the moment.

Big Ben

Big Ben is going to have to throw for a million yards to win their playoff game because the Bengals might be poised for an upset, but that is probably what he will do when the game starts. The Steelers do not have the defense that they once had, but they are going to be able to win the game just because he was able to throw for so many yards. Big Ben could go off at any time, and watching him go off is something that would be pretty cool for fantasy fans.

These guys are going to step up big in the playoffs, and they must be taken for all the fantasy players who want to have a chance of winning. Fantasy points are hard to come by sometimes, but these guys are going to do something that could help people win their playoff games. A fantasy playoff game has to have a good QB if the team is going to survive.

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