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Best RBs for Fantasy Football Playoffs Week 1

It’s that time of year again, and with the playoffs about to kick off the first week of play, all sorts of fans are making their fantasy picks. When it comes to running backs, there is a ton of talent on the table, with some of the best and most explosive players in the game in the mix, which is undoubtedly going to make it a difficult decision for a long of people.

Adrian Peterson has to be the top pick for a number of reasons. He is hands down one of the best running backs of all time, he is leading the NFL in rushing yards this season, and he flat out comes to play in big games. You can guarantee that Minnesota’s game plan is going to involve a very heavy dose of him pounding the ball, so if history tells us anything, Adrian you’d think that likely to have a big game. Fact is though, he ran poorly against Seattle earlier in the year and it is going to be extremely cold. You don’t have to go very far to get the second best selection for week one, as the Vikings are matching up with the Seahawks, and you can expect Marshawn Lynch to come out in full beast mode (if he plays). Seattle is a very emotional team in the playoffs and they had their hearts stomped on last year in the playoffs, ironically as a result of not handing the ball of to Marshawn Lynch on the goal line, three straight plays in a row. Redemption time is here for Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle Seahawks when they face off against the Vikings, so Marshawn is a very good fantasy pick. Ironically, both Lynch and Peterson have a great mutual respect for each other, with Peterson stating to the media the other day that Lynch is the seconds best running back in the league. There is a very high chance that they will go back and forth with heavy blows and big plays.
It was just recently announced that DeAngelo Williams will not be playing in this weekends matchup meaning he will be off the table. Jeremy Hill of the Bengals has put up some solid numbers this year and looks to have a decent shot at putting up some good numbers this week, leaving a handful of other picks that may or may not end up having good games. When it comes down to it, there really is not a race for the third position, as the gap is so far below the top two picks. There is no doubt that by picking either Adrian Peterson or Marshawn Lynch, you will be putting yourself in a great position to do well. They both possess the skills to literally drop two hundred or more yard games and can do it in spectacular fashion, so it really comes down to the various circumstances that arise during the game and the different opportunities that the players get. It really comes down to a personal preference, but Adrian Peterson gets the not over Lynch, due to the fact that the game is in Minnesota.

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