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Sub-optimal Strategies

In every game there are players who play by the numbers, and then there are professional players who exploit those numbers. Playing by the numbers or by the odds is playing optimally. On the other hand, if you know the numbers then you can choose to play against the odds, and this would be playing sub-optimally.

This sub-optimal playing strategy can be applied to all sorts of games including rock-paper-scissors, fantasy football and poker. A player who plays sub-optimally knows that the other player is playing in favor of odds, and professionals know when to exploit the other player’s weaknesses by playing against the odds.

Great players always have sub-optimal strategies available, so they can choose to use them when the time is right.

Player Usage

Choosing the right set of players for fantasy sports is one of the ways professional fantasy sports players win big. They know the value of their picks, and the pros determine which players they choose based upon the frequency the fantasy players are picked.

Since every person who plays fantasy sports is out to pick the best players that means the top fantasy players will be overused, and this is why professionals will choose the undervalued players instead of the overpriced players. If a fantasy player is very popular in real life sports he will be chosen more often by players in fantasy leagues. If he appears on everybody’s roster then he will be less valuable.

This sub-optimal strategy can prove to be valuable when an unpopular player wins big. The unpopular player will unlikely be on anyone else’s fantasy roster, so the professional who chooses to pick the unpopular player in their roster will have leverage.

Fading Sub-optimally

Top professionals implement sub-optimal strategies in their fantasy games. They pick unpopular players in hopes that the player will score big. They do not pick unpopular people at random. The unpopular players cannot be players who are overused. They find out how to pick the perfect roster very carefully. One of the factors that influence which picks are popular and unpopular is listening carefully to find out who other people are talking about.

The popularity of players drives up the price. Picking these overused players is an obvious fault of many fantasy sports players because the player will end up on everyone else’s roster.

When professionals look for an unpopular player who will bring in high value they have to make sure the player isn’t underpriced for a good reason. A player who is benched or injured is obviously underused for a good reason, so picking this player for their roster would be foolish.

The Best Combination of Players

Professional fantasy sports players pick their roster for a variety of reasons. Often times a player who is overvalued is also underused because of the high price for picking the player. Another great strategy used by pros is picking the players who have been “cold” or low scoring for a while.

Using these sub-optimal strategies helps professionals pick their roster and get wins!

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