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How Do You Choose Your Week 13 Fantasy Football Running Back?

Every fantasy football player in the world must make pivotal choices about their running backs going into week 13. Week 13 is a critical time for most teams, and running backs are currently at a premium. You must choose a running back for week 13 that has the best chance of putting up big numbers, and this article explains how to choose such a running back. There are many people to pick from, but only a few are truly worth your time.

#1: Adrian Peterson

The Vikings do not need to ride Adrian Peterson as they once did, but Peterson is still the best option in the league today. Anyone who owns Adrian Peterson must start him at once. There are few other running backs in the league who get as much attention as someone like Adrian Peterson, and you must allow him to score many points for you this week. Teddy Bridgewater needs Peterson, and you need Peterson as a fantasy owner.

#2: Devonta Freeman

The Atlanta Falcons are in a tailspin that is hard to explain. They have a good quarterback in Matt Ryan, but the offense has been terrible for weeks. The only people who have a chance to produce yards in Atlanta are the running backs, and Freeman is the only running back the Falcons trust. You will likely pick up many points with Freeman, but you must be wary of the Atlanta offense.

#3: Todd Gurley

The only other running back in the league who is running beautifully, but he is not on a team that is playing well. Todd Gurley is amazing talent who is the top of his class, and the sky is the limit for his talent. Everyone who wants to score points in their fantasy league must have Gurley on their roster. Gurley is a workhorse for a Rams team that is suffering mightily at quarterback.

#4: Other Options

There are many players who could play well from week to week. DeMarco Murray is a good player who is picking up steam on a bad team, and Shady McCoy is a better player on a team that is plateauing. These men could have good games, but there is no way to know for sure. Their tams have been inconsistent at best this season. You must fill up your roster as best you can before the week 13 games in the NFL begin.

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