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Coming Out On Top Of Your Fantasy Hockey League

Only the truly dedicated are likely to be interested in NHL fantasy. You either have to really love hockey or really love fantasy sports in general. Still, you can find interested parties in this game if you look hard enough. Once you have generated that interest, you will want to create your league and find a way to win the league.

In fantasy hockey, you are looking for great goalies, great goal scores, and those who are helpful with assists. It can be easy to find the goal scorers as you probably already know which players are likely to put the puck in the back of the net, but focusing on racking up those assists and goal saves can be a little more difficult. This is where you will want to focus your attention.

You will want to take a look at a player for the New York Rangers named Derek Stepan. He has managed to score an average of 4 fantasy points per game and yet comes at a great price tag when it comes to the draft. That is of huge importance if you want to grab a cheap but great pick. He is center for the Rangers and has proven his worth as a player on the big stage. Make sure you take advantage of him while he is still a little under the radar.

On the same team, you can take a look at the goalie as your potential pick for your team. Rangers goalie Cam Talbot has only allowed in 1.7 goals in the first ten games of this season. He is 7-3 in those starts with his team, and he is keeping them in a lot of games that they might not otherwise be in. This is the kind of goal blocker that you will want to draft to your team.

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