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Consider Team’s Matchups on Fantasy Football Draft Day

There are lots of strategies out there for drafting the perfect team. Many people analyze players to extreme measures, trying to figure out who will be the best, and who will lead them to the promised land of fantasy football nirvana.

It does make sense that the more you know about a player, the more informed you will be about his performance, and that should inform your draft decisions.
However, another angle to consider is the team itself, and its schedule. Who teams are playing also matters, so match-ups must also be considered.

Dave Richard, senior fantasy writer for CBS Sports, has compiled grades on every team’s defense, and then used that to compare schedules. This creates a good way of seeing what the situation will be for players. You may see this¬†article here.

You may think two players are pretty well equal, and they may be as far as draft value goes. But if you look closely at the schedules you may see a much different scenario, giving one of those two players a tougher road than the other, and that perhaps should affect how you draft your team.

But Richard points out, people draft players they like anyway, and at this point in the summer its hard to guess how a team will actually do. There’s no accounting for injuries, bad breaks, new stars and the like. How many people had their season dashed last year after they drafted Adrian Peterson high only to see him miss most of the season due to suspension?

Even so, a well prepared owner will be more confident on draft day, and could make some really good choices based on information they have gathered. That is part of the fun of fantasy football. At least if you are well prepared, you will have an good educated guess to go with.

Consider the match-ups the teams have then. For instance, the Colts, Packers and Vikings have great schedules and face defenses that can be manipulated, so these might be good teams to take players from.

The Cowboys are a popular team, and they have a lot of star power that you might want to draft. However, considering their late season schedule, they may have a rough time after a strong start.

There are many strategies. And while it is good to know as much as you can about an individual player, considering the team itself and its schedule should also weigh heavily on your draft day decisions.

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