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Could Jacksonville Provide Some Fantasy Football Surprises?

The Jacksonville Jaguars have not exactly been a bastion of offensive production in recent years. As a matter of fact, this has been one of the worst teams in the NFL when it comes to grabbing those points. This alone makes them a surprise pick for Fantasy Football players who want to pull a surprise move.

While the team as a whole has been disappointing, there are a few Jaguars that are worth a look. At the very least, these players could serve as good backups for the other players that you have grabbed for your team.

The team itself is also facing the fact that they will have a new offensive coordinator running the show. They had to let go of their former coordinator after too many disappointing outcomes in the game. Candidates from the Minnesota Vikings and the San Francisco have been interviewed for the position. Either one of these two could potentially bring the spark to the team that they have needed.

There is a lot of chatter and excitement regarding the relatively new Blake Bortles at the QB position. He is only in his second season, but Bortles is highly touted as someone who could make a difference for the team. Better yet, he could be a secret weapon for those who draft him to their fantasy team.

Allen Robinson, a wide receiver for Jacksonville is another name that has come up time and time again as a person who many should consider drafting. Although his team goes through a lot of struggle, this individual has outperformed expectations. He is a talented wide receiver that can rack up the points for any team that he plays for. That team just happens to be the Jacksonville Jaguars at the moment.

You never want to rule out any team completely without reviewing the individual players on the team. Others may not even be thinking about Jacksonville as a team to consider, but you know better than to rule out an entire team. Every one of the players in the league is a professional, and all should be considered on an individual basis.

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