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Dalton and The Promising Future of the Bengals

To put it lightly, Andy Dalton is not a very popular football player these days. The reasons for this are numerous. Recounting those reasons is not the purpose of this article. However, it is the purpose to investigate why he became increasingly more unlikeable when he was put in a game manager position. After becoming the Bengal’s quarterback, he logged onto his resume some all-time career lows for a season: 481 failed passing attempts and 19 failed touchdown attempts. All of this with a deceptively respectable yearly passing record of 3,398 yards.

There is very little grace among fans when it comes to the players on pro football teams. They make any mistakes and they are ridiculed mercilessly without any consideration of context. In this case, few fans have considered the fact that Dalton played so poorly last season largely become some of the best receivers on the team such as Marvin Jones, Tyler Eifert, and A.J. Green were out most of the time. If any of these guys had been in play all season, there is little doubt that Dalton would have been a more favored fantasy football player. And if all of them had been in play, there is no telling how well Dalton could have succeeded.

As it was, Dalton probably did the best that he could with the limited human resources at his disposal. Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard are both good receivers and were both available all season. For there part, they each actually played pretty well and helped the team honorably throughout the year. Unfortunately and obviously, they were not enough. With so much of the Bengals primary offensive talent out during most of the season, it was inevitable that their offensive work would not go so well—and it didn’t. With that in mind, the coaches of the Bengals are committed to making changes that will insure that in the future the Bengals will play just as effectively even when their “talent” is out for any reason.

The Bengals will likely not be on the outs with fantasy football players for long. In the future, fantasy players would do well to keep an eye on the team. With a few strategic tweaks, their game play will probably be improving. And if their main offensive talent does stay throughout future seasons, it can surely only help.

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