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Difference in Player Selection Between MLB Late Night/Turbo and Full Day

Player selection in a one-day league and a seasonal league is vastly different. You are selecting teams that must perform is different ways and at different times. You may be certain how you will choose each team, but you must start with the basics because the two formats are very different.

One-Day Leagues

A one-day leagues is just what it sounds like. You only have to perform well for one day to win money. You do not win as much money as you do in a seasonal league, but your odds of getting the picks right are much better. You must study the teams and players you want to work with, and you should only choose the players who are hot right now. You do not hedge your bets on someone who may be good in the near future. Those players are not going to win a one-day league, and they are not going to help you when you need instant results.


Seasonal leagues are going to require far more research. You must know how a player will do during the season. You must look at their injury history, and you must consider how they are going to play when the season does not go well for their team. You may choose players on bad teams, but there is no guarantee that that one player will carry a team. You have to do your homework to ensure the better results.


Picks for a one-day leagues are done in a hurry. You must get your team set for the next day, and you must pick your players without much thought. You must go into the draft knowing what you want, and you must be prepared to make quick changes when players come off the board. Players in a seasonal draft move slower, and you will have more time to do your research as everyone in the draft has ample time to select the team they want.

You can be a novice or experienced player, but you must take the draft for your particular league seriously. The two drafts do not mirror one another, and you want to be prepared for the right kind of draft at the right time.

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