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Drafting Players For A Long Season

One noticeable difference between fantasy basketball and fantasy football is the length of the season. Think about it. While the NFL only has 16 games per season, NBA fantasy players get to enjoy a season that lasts 82 games. This adds a lot more variables to the fantasy season for NBA fantasy players. It also means that those individuals should be looking for talent that can last the whole season long when they are preparing to draft players.

The best thing to do is to check for lists of players that have been proven season long performers in the past. Scanning through some of these lists, you are going to see popular names like LeBron James and Blake Griffin. These are the star players in the league, and they obviously get a lot of playing time. They put up massive points most nights, and they are must haves on your fantasy team. Of course, this also means that you have to get them before everyone else does. Since most people are going to be checking out the same scouting reports, you will need to act quickly and wisely in your draft.

One thing that some forget about is that the NBA season is a marathon and not a sprint. Picking up a player simply because he is on a hot streak or managed to score the most points in his game last week is no real reason to act. You have to think deeper than that and try to find better reasons to draft a player. You want a work horse that comes to play game in and game out.

Finally, make sure you think about players who are more prone to injury (i.e. players that have been in the league a while or who has existing injuries), and try to avoid them. They may become injured again and thus be rendered useless for your fantasy team.

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