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Eli Manning’s Winning Season

It is easy to have second thoughts about your fantasy pick when that pick begins the year poorly. However, a bad start does not always prophesy a bad season. Eli Manning’s 2014 season is a case in point. During the first three games of the 2014 season, Manning played horribly and it appeared to his coaches, fans, and everyone else that they were going to be spending time in really bad seasons. But Manning would after Week 4 attain at least 20 points within seven games. It would, in fact, become among the best seasons of his entire football career.

The Giants definitely do not have the very best selection of wide receivers in the league, but they do have some good ones. In fact, several of their batch of wide receivers would be found on a list of really good ones. Enter Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham, Jr. It is largely thanks to his capable assistance that Manning was able to have such a great season. Manning wasn’t able to utilize Beckham at all in the first four games of 2014 because the wide receiver was out with a hamstring injury. Prior to that time the Giant’s running backs were almost all Manning had to work with and they assisted very poorly. During the first four games the Giant’s running backs caught the abysmal total of 62 passes. The running backs would do so poorly this year that the team would be one of only three teams whose running backs did not make a single touchdown the entire year.

It is possible that Manning could continue his success with Beckham this year. The Giant’s other star wide receiver, Victor Cruz, who was also out for all of last due to an injury, will still be recovering through the 2015 season. However, there are multiple things changing for the better. One of the best of these is that right guard Geoff Schwartz, who was also out last season due to a broken toe, is back and ready for action. He has been ranked among the very best guards in the league. In any case, this looks to be shaping up for yet another winning year for Manning. It looks so promising, in fact, that it is being predicted that he will be another fantasy top-ten quarterback. He has had three of these already. Can he do it again? Time will tell. Time will tell.

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GRFF Staff

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