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Ensuring You Don’t Pick a Player – That Doesn’t Play

Whether you play fantasy football, baseball or another sport, the last thing you want to do is draft a player who is injured, suspended or out for an extended period of time. That is just going to significantly cut down on your ability to play the game, bring in the points and even trade later on in the season. In order to avoid this, you need to follow through with a few basic methods to ensure you don’t pick a player that doesn’t play. Whether it is the first round or the last, there are a couple ways you can do this.

End of the Season

First, check out how their previous season ended and what the offseason is treating them like. Baseball players typically do not have too many unexpected injuries during the offseason. This is the time where they might have surgery if they sustained an injury in the previous year but could play through the pain. There are the occasional, random injuries, such as baseball players stepping off of a truck wrong or catching themselves with a fishing line, but for the most part, you need to check how the season ended and if they required surgery in the offseason. If the player did, make sure you know when they should be completely healed up and when they should be ready to go.

As for football, injuries can occur during off season workouts, although again this is an important time to just look up how the end of the season unfolded for them the previous year.

Drug Issues

This is not illegal drug problems, but performance enhancing drugs. With the leagues starting to crack down on this, you need to know about who has been suspended. Do not look up individual players, but just who has been suspended for portions of the upcoming season. Some players in the NFL might be out a game or two, while repeat offenders in both NFL and MLB can sit out half the season or more. You don’t want to draft someone who is going to be sitting for half the year, so make sure to look up suspensions.

Recent Draft Picks

This is more for NFL, but keep in mind recent draft picks. If a team spent big money to bring a first round RB, there is a good chance the current RB on the team is going to be seeing less time, of not the bench.

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