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Fantasy Football in the Playoffs

The fantasy football playoffs are going to be a very hard time for people who have not set up their rosters the right way. People may be able to shrug off one or two bad performances in the season, but the playoffs are one and done. Anyone who has not set up their roster right is going to have a major problem, and they are going to have to use only the people that are still there. Try these tips to get the right roster going.

The QB

The QB has to be the absolute best person left, and it cannot be someone who might have a good day. This is the time that the matchup with the defense is most important. That means that the QB is going to have to have a chance to throw for 400 yards and even score one themselves. Anything less than this is going to be a big problem.

Pick The Best RB

Teams are going to ground and pound in the playoffs, and it is wise to pick out the RB that is going to be able to ground and pound for far more than 100 yards in a game. That same person is going to score a few times, and it might be wise to pick the fullback who might score in short yardage situations for their team. That is going to make it much easier for the team to succeed.

Matchup Defenses

Defenses are nice, but they have to matchup well with their opponent. Pick the defense that is going to have the best matchup, and make sure to ignore their ranking. Defensive rankings only go so far, and the matchup is going to determine how the game is going to go overall for both teams.

Great Receivers

Great receivers can make things happen on their own, and it would be wise to pick someone who is going to make catches no matter what they do. This might be the only foil if the team does not have a good QB. Offsetting the bad QB with a good receiver will help the team get more points in a playoff game.

Check Injuries

There are a lot of injuries this time of year that are going to have to be reconciled, and the reports need to be there to show people what is going on. Check each report to see what is going on, and ignore anyone who is probable. It is the people who are questionable that might be a problem. They want to play, but that does not mean that they are going to be able to play with the injury they have.

The best thing that players can do is put together a new team that makes a lot of sense. Each team needs to have the right players, and it needs to be built to win at this time of year. Take everything into account to make sure that the makeup of the team is going to work well.

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