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Fantasy Football Kicker Rankings for 2015 Season Explained

A fantasy football fan sees the difficulty in every game, and that’s why forming a league of one’s own is so cool for millions of people who want a bit more from the usual TV game action. In fact, there is a view that a kicker’s value doesn’t change that much when they are “star” players who had questionable previous seasons. Still, the thing about choosing one’s fantasy football options in 2015 is the so-called “gap” is viewed as being much tighter with so much new rookie talent.

Meanwhile, who “kicks” the football can have a direct and lasting impact on a game, a season, a championship. In fact, a placekicker or “kicker” is a key player responsible for various kicking tasks such as extra points and the all-important field goal. Those it’s vital for any fantasy football fan to select someone who has proven skills in this specialized professional football role.

Top ten fantasy football Ks 2015

When it comes fantasy football “kicker” rankings, it’s not rocket science, say fans, “but simply the best players one would want on his or her team.”
According to various surveys, ESPN analysts and other data, the 2015 player projections for fantasy football pick the following “Top 10 kickers,” while players are linked to a long list of other details.

The Top 10 “Kickers” for the 2015 season are:

– Stephen Gostkowski (NE)
– Dan Bailey (DAL)
– Matt Prater (DET)
– Adam Vinateri (IND)
– Steve Hauschka (SEA)
– Connor Barth (DEN)
– Matt Bryant (ATL)
– Justin Tucker (BAL)
– Cody Parkey (PHI)
– Mason Crosby (GB)

In general, the position of kicker has been boosted in recent years by the super play of these top NFL professional players and others likely to score in 2015. For instance, Shaun Suisham (PIT) and Blair Walsh (MIN) are touted on various fantasy football websites as stand out kickers who will likely play a key role in helping their teams win and move on to the playoffs this season.

Fantasy football kicker talk

Thanks to lots and lots of fantasy football draft strategy online, on TV and on radio, there’s a lot of talk based on such things as draft position trends during the offseason. For instance, the new thinking is no never “binge on QBs,” but look to other offensive and defensive players as having real “positional value.” Still, it’s the kickers who either make or break a fantasy football team pick when it comes to overall ranking and $ value. New England’s top kicker Stephen Gostkowski is one good example of a player any fantasy football fan would want on his or her team because this guy not only kicks the ball, but can tackle and score on other plays as well. His record proves this to be true.

Picking kickers wisely

There are fantasy fans who view Yahoo or ESPN “fantasy point” spreads and predictions as just more grist for the mill. Fans commenting online now have this point of view this 2015 pre-season because “you have to know the kickers and actually have watched players” before assuring yourself any really good fantasy options. For example, Seattle’s famed kicker Steven Hauschka is still being eyed by most fantasy football fans in 2015 “even while his QB made a key error at the end of the Super Bowl.” Thus, even the skilled Hauschka could not kick his team out of this Super loss!

Meanwhile, there is a real push-back coming from longtime Tom Brady supporter and New England kicker Stephen Gostkowski to that still defend this top fantasy QB’s “mess around with the football during the Colts playoff game last season.” Gostkowski said in recent TV interview that placekickers are “still underrated” and that will change as field goals and extra points are viewed as make or break actions for winning.

Overall, there has never been a better time to really get into fantasy football team and player kicker picks because there is a lot of good data about draft rankings and other projections online.

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