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Fantasy Football Resources You Need to Look Into

Every fantasy owner has been in the position of having to decide which player to select with the clock winding down on drafty day. Depending on which fantasy hub is used, the availability of picks will be different, and this is why fantasy owners need to have multiple lists of potential players to choose from. Because owners must have every possible advantage to win the championship, here are the six most-effective tools to help better an owner’s chances of taking a fantasy-league title this year.

The Huddle
A USA Today-hub, “The Huddle” is an extremely helpful tool owners can us to keep track of players during drafts as well as throughout the season. The Huddle provides up-to-date depth charts for fantasy leagues and the site provides full access to its “Analysis and Insider” injury reports for a fee.

FantasyPros affords fantasy owners official and up-to-date rankings from all the top fantasy sites, including CBS, ESPN, Yahoo as well as the NFL. FantasyPros lets owners compare player rankings on one webpage and possibly decide which players will be the better value in later rounds. FantasyPros also provides a draft tool designed to directly compare players, drawing on a consensus of the greatest minds in fantasy sports.

NumberFire offers several exceptional tools to make the fantasy draft process less arduous. This site gives every player’s price range and full value, even for auction-draft leagues, and provides a “risk profile” for owners who would rather rely on the more reliable fantasy players. Another great tool on NumberFire is their draft “Tier Sheet” that ranks players according to which player is the stronger pick.

One of fantasy-sports mainstays, RotoWire’s premium package provides owners with all the in-depth team news and research they could possibly need. Current subscription packages range from $14.99 per month to $129.99 for a two year plan. However, all subscriptions provide access to draft software allowing owners to plan drafts, in any format.

RotoViz is an inexpensive alternative for fantasy owners who don’t want to shell out a lot of money, but still seek high-quality rankings and analysis. A one-day pass to RotoViz is just $1 and seven months of full access to player rankings, draft strategies and a host of apps is only $30. Apps include a draft optimizer, similarity scores across all fantasy positions and player career graphs.

Fantasy Football Today
A well-designed and straightforward website, Fantasy Football Today may be the most useful for the novice and inexperienced fantasy owner, as the website’s most valuable tool is helping with selecting defensive matchups.

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