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Fantasy Hockey Sleepers You May Have Not Noticed

Everyone wants some sleeper picks in their fantasy hockey team. This is truly the only way that certain fantasy league members end up ahead of the pack. They have to have some hidden selections that no one realized were as valuable as they truly were. Those are the types of individuals who score a lot of fantasy points while not costing that much to the owners who draft them.

Some sleeper players for this season come in the form of Jonathan Drouin and Jori Lehtera. These are the individuals who have stepped up for their teams and have yet not caught the attention of the broader media that usually zeros in on this kind of thing. That is a good thing for players though who are hungry for some great picks that are not going to cost them too much in the league.

Drouin himself should be generating more headlines as he was the third overall pick in the last real draft. However, he has not grabbed as much attention as some of the other more frequent goal scoring players. What he doesn’t get in goals though he more than makes up for with the amount of assists that he gets. Last season he put in 29 goals but had 79 assists in the 46 regular season games that he participated in. He did even better once his team reached the playoffs.

Lehtera is more of a sleeper pick because he has not participated in as many games in the NHL as some other players. He participated internationally in a variety of leagues and even performed well in the Sochi Olympics. Now, he is back to play in the NHL and fantasy players should be zooming to draft him to their teams or make a trade for him.

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