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Fantasy Hockey Studs for December

The fantasy hockey studs people find for their fantasy teams are going to help people make sure that their teams are going to be successful. A good team is going to function really well when it has been put together right, and there are a couple studs that are going to make it much easier for a team to be good. There are three major guys to look at, and each of them is going to make life easier for the person who runs their own fantasy team.

Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane is probably the best player on what has clearly been the best team in hockey for the last decade. He is the best scorer on the team, and he creates points all the time. This is the kind of player that is going to help the point total rise all the time, and it is going to help someone who is trying to put together a more powerful fantasy team. Anyone who has a lot of points to speak of is going to be helpful.

Johnathan Toews

Toews is the other great player on the Blackhawks, and he is the kind of guy who compliments his teammate well. He is the kind of guy who is going to feed Kane with a lot of assists that are needed, and he gets fed by Kane just as much. This is the best one two punch in hockey, and he is going to be a great stud for someone who is going to make life easier for anyone who is putting together a fantasy hockey team.

PK Subban

OK Subban is a great person to use when a player needs to have just one more good scorer on their team. These three studs are all brilliant, but Subban is doing all the work on his own. He is the machine that runs his team, and he is the person that his team turns to when it needs a little boost. The team is succeeding because of Subban, and he is the kind of person who could drag his team to the playoffs when they need it.

Which To Choose?

No one is going to get all three of these guys, and it would be just as hard to get two of them. Picking just one of them is worth it, but it is wise to check on injury reports to see which of them is in the best health. That makes a big difference on a fantasy roster, and it needs to be used the right way when building a team. The right guy at the right time will create a lot of points.

Anyone who is trying to build their team needs to make sure that they are going to use one of these three guys to get good results. People who are really working on a good fantasy team will focus on these guys first before they try to put anyone else on the roster for their team.

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