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Fantasy NBA Up and Comers in December

The NBA up and comers in fantasy are the guys who are finally getting minutes for their teams. Players cannot play any real minutes if they are not getting help from their coaches, and those players will not score any fantasy points unless they are on the floor. There are three guys who are really making waves, and it is about time for all three of them.


This man skipped out on last year’s draft only to be drafted by the Knicks this year, and he is by far the best player on the team. He has the swagger of a guy who played four years for a major college program, but he is able to play defense. Porzingis might actually be the future in the New York, and that would make Phil Jackson a genius for taking him. Anyone who wants to score fantasy points needs to make sure that they are going to hold onto Porzingis because he is probably the nest big breakout star in the league.

Tristan Thompson

Basically, Tristan Thompson pseudo-forced the Cavs into giving him some money, but now it is paying off because he is the one getting the minutes at center. He is the guy who is pushing out another player for minutes, and he is making a real impact. The Cavs cannot afford to stand around and watch LeBron every night, and Thompson is making real progress as a fantasy player. He is putting up more points every night, and he has the potential to be a great number five for the Cavs or any other team that wants to pay him in the future.

DeAngelo Russell

The boy is playing with Kobe, but he is still getting his shots. He is learning how to take over a team that is steeped in history, and he is going to keep scoring more points the longer the season goes on. He will not take all of Kobe’s shots, but he is clearly going to make it easy for the team to improve in the future. Anyone who is looking for more fantasy points is going to have to go with Russell to make sure that they are going to have the best chance of getting what they need.

More Fantasy Players

There are a few more players who are going to offer up more fantasy points in the future because of what they are doing now. LaMarcus Aldridge will be a better play when he gets into the San Antonio offense. Kawhi Leonard will score more the more he takes over in San Antonio, and James Harden is still an amazing scorer. He is not getting the attention he should, but he is playing very well again.

All the players that fill up a fantasy roster need to balance the team, and the up and comers are going to make it easier for a team to be more balanced. Anyone who is going to build their team right will try at least one of these guys.

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