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Fantasy NHL Refresher

Fantasy hockey is a fantasy sport that is based on the National Hockey League. In this sports players compose competing teams. These teams form a league or pools made up of 8 – 12 teams and at times 20. The set up is close to the real NHL table. This fantasy hockey also allows coaching, training and sales and purchases of players. Teams here have to build a record over time.

Team formation rules.
You can pick your NHL teams and players of choice through draft, online or in person. You can start by picking players grouped together or use the ‘auction’ style.

Team structure.
You have the option of picking 12 or 15 or 20 skaters to fill positions available in your team. The most common team layout is the rotisserie style:
-2 Forward centers.
-2 Forward left wings.
-2 Forward right wings.
-4 Defensemen.
-2 Goalies.
-5 Bench Players.

Point scoring.
Your fantasy NHL team can collect points through; points, goals, assists, plus/minus, penalty minute, power play points, game-winning goals, shots on goal and many other ways. Points accrued are used to gauge a team’s performance.

Fantasy NHL hockey leagues.
i. Daily Fantasy Hockey: The latest scoring data is used to form teams to compete on a day’s tournament. This is advantageous to you if you not keen on building a legacy for you and your team.
ii. Head-to-Head: In the ‘Head-to-Head’ league the team owners compete on a weekly basis by rating the teams performance throughout the week. This may lead to playoffs and break ties.
In Head-to-Head league points are awarded through a point system. This system allows each player to be awarded points according to their performance through goal scoring, goal saving, and assists.
There is two head to head scoring systems so far: In the “head-to-head most categories,” two teams try to overdo each other by winning most matches, while in the “head-to-head each category,” is where two leagues with competing teams use the same league statistics.
As a team manager, you should carefully choose what system you want to play with in relation to its advantage to you and your team.
iii. Points: This league has point multipliers in certain categories in which teams try to gain points without competing.
iv. Rotisserie: In this league teams are ranked in order of their performance, from best to worst. It consists 10 team leagues in 10 competitive categories. Rotisserie leagues favor managers with strong, balanced and scoring teams.
v. Express League: This leagues contains games that have short play duration either 1 day or week. It is played like the ‘Points’ league.
vi. Keeper Leagues: This is also known as “Dynasty” league because of its long league time. It can be played year in year out with the winners awarded at the end of the season. Managers can retain good players and lay off less performing ones.

At an advanced stage, the team moves into “Salary Cap League.” Here every player is given a salary schedule in the seasons opening. These salaries are as real as possible to the real players earnings.

Rookie drafts are developed from previous seasons to help guide you before the current fantasy NHL league starts.

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