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Fantasy Studs On The Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers are a roster stacked with many different fantasy studs, but you must consider who is going to get you through the day when you only play in one-day leagues. This article explains how you are going to change the way that you manage your fantasy team, and you must think about how it will benefit from a visit to the roster of the Carolina Panthers.

#1: Cam Newton

We could talk all day long about how good Cam Newton is. He is a fantasy machine that will throw for up to 4000 yards this season, and he will rush for several hundred more. He wills core his own touchdowns, and the Panthers will compete in their division. You must think about how easy it is for Cam to create offense as you look over the roster, and you need to make sure that you are looking at the Carolina offense. Newton has weapons that will help him, but he also has feet that are going to take him a long way. The division will be competitive, but the Panthers will not be beaten down by their division as they try to make their way through the season.

#2: The Defense

The defense of the Carolina Panthers has been very good for many years, and there is no reason to think that is will get any worse. You would easily take the Panther defense as a stop-gap measure, and you would do very well with that defense. You cannot anticipate how good the defense will be until they start playing games, but you can be sure that the defense will be good enough to get you through a weekend even if they are not as good as last year. The Panthers pride themselves on defense, and you will see that when they play their games during the year.

#3: Coaching

Ron Rivera is a very aggressive coach who is going to make it very difficult for teams to get around the playmakers that he has. The Panthers were able to get around the Falcons last year even though they had no right winning the division, and that is due in large part to the coaching that the team got from Ron Rivera. Ron Rivera gives his team a chance every week, and he was able to use the truck accident of Cam Newton as motivation to make his team better. There are not many coaches who can do that in this league today.

You must think of how you will use the Panthers when you are in a one-day league, and you should let the Panthers do something for you that is going to help you win real cash.

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