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Fantasy Studs on the Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions can come across as a bit of an enigma. They seem like they should score more points than they should. At least, that proved to be the case last year. Under a ned head coach they brought in a first year offensive coordinator who had helped coach under the New Orleans Saints. The Saints are known for putting up a ton of points, and as the Lions arguably have better offensive threats, it seemed like the Lions should have done the same. Now in year two, the team should hopefully find their groove offensively, otherwise they might be facing the task of locating a new OC in the following offseason. However, in terms of fantasy studs, there are plenty of Detroit Lions players to look for.

Matthew Stafford

Now, there are some knocks on the guy. He’s been in the league for a good seven years and has yet to win a playoff game or even win a major game on the road. Now, that is on the team, but in the NFL, the attention is on the QB. He does have some bizarre mistakes throughout the year, but he generally puts up big yardage numbers. If the Lions can score some more points this year (they should), he should be a solid QB to pick up.

Calvin Johnson

Calvin Johnson has the chance of going down as the greatest NFL receiver to ever play the game. He has freakish ability that other receives just don’t have. Jerry Rice would have killed for his size. He also has amazing hands and catches just about anything thrown his way. As long as he can stay healthy, if he’s available he is a must pick-up. Like Stafford, if the Lions start to score more points this year, his numbers should take a giant leap. It would be a good idea to have a serviceable backup though or be willing to trade, in case he does go down injured as he’s missed time in each of the last few seasons due to some sort of a lingering injury.

Golden Tate

Golden Tate might be one of the best number two WRs in the league. He takes a good deal of pressure off of Calvin Johnson and with great hands and speed, he is able to become a major playmaker. It’s always nice to pick up a wide receiver who has a solid guy on the other side of the field. While it means the QB isn’t going to throw to him all the time, it also means he is going to be more open without the double teams. It wouldn’t be bad to pick up Golden Tate actually over Calvin Johnson. Golden is usually fresh and doesn’t have injury problems. He can be picked up later on in the draft, which means it is possible to get two really good players for one great Calvin Johnson.

The Detroit Lions, as long as they can improve upon their offense from last year, has some really great players.

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