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Fantasy Studs On The Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have more than enough fantasy studs to make a one-day league worth the money, but players must understand what they are betting their money on when they are looking at the team as a whole. The defense on the team is amazing, and there is a very determined quarterback under center.

The Offense

The offense of the Kansas City Chiefs is Alex Smith’s to run until he retires until he retires, and that does not appear to be something that is going to change any time soon. There is not more Dwayne Bowe on the outside, but the team is not short on playmakers. They have Jamaal Charles running out of the backfield, and he could have a 2000 yeard season at any time, but players must understand that the team could get desperate if the offense is not working. Using the Chiefs at the beginning of the season is a safe bet, but monitoring the offense is the best way to make sure the bets on the team do not go sideways. Jeremy Maclin was added in the offseason, but there is no way to know if he will make a difference until they take the field.

The Defense

The defense for the Chiefs is anchored by Justin Houston and Eric Berry. These two players alone can make all the difference in the world. No one will want to come across the middle to get tackled by Berry, and quarterbacks are going to be running away from Houston most of the season.

The defense for the team is a good one to choose as long as they are still playing fairly well. A Chiefs team that is not playing well may start sitting Berry and Houston to save them for the future, and that will result in almost no fantasy points coming from the defense. Those two anchors have to be on the field to make a real difference.

The Chiefs are going to be an interesting team, but they cannot be very interesting if they are not playing well once the season is in full swing. Alex Smith will be great assuming the team is playing well, but the team may begin to fall apart if they get desperate. Losing the running game and the two defensive stars will make all the difference, and players do not want to be stuck in a draft with a team that is not going to produce fantasy points. Count on the Chiefs at the beginning of the season, but do not count on them if they are not playing well late in the season. This is a team to watch if they can win their division, though.

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