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Fantasy Studs on the New England Patriots

It doesn’t matter who is on the team, the Patriots are almost always going to be winning their division and battling for a spot in the AFC championship game. Whether the suspension of Tom Brady holds up for the first four games (chances are it is going to be reduced, if it hasn’t been already by the time you read this) or not, they are going to win the division. The Patriot’s backup QB is more than serviceable, and after watching Brady for a few years, he can take over should he need to. Plus, if Brady does face the suspension, the last thing the rest of the league wants is Mr. Tom Brady with a chip on his shoulder. That can prove bad news for the rest of the league and good news for the Patriots and those holding fantasy players on the team.

Tom Brady

The chances of him facing a full four game suspension are slim. For such a small issue that people have blown way out of proportion, even if Brady misses a game or two, he’s going to light up the night sky. He’s proven he doesn’t need big name receives to put up points and yardage. He might not lead the league in total yardage, but this year, playing angry and with more to prove than almost any year before, he is going to be a major threat.

Julian Edelman

This is a quality receive to pick up maybe a few rounds deep. He’s small, but he’s speedy. He’s basically the current Wes Welker for the team. He actually had 92 receptions last year in 14 games, which was seventh in the league last year. If he plays all 16 games, he can be a force to be reckoned with. Now, he might not have all the yardage or touchdowns that other WRs might have, but this is simply because the team is so balanced in its offensive attack. If he is available in the third round or later, he is a fantastic pickup.

Rob Gronkowski

There might not be a better TE in the league right now than Gronkowski. He topped all tight ends last year in fantasy scoring and actually stood as the 15th best overall receiver in terms of receiving yards and his 12 touchdowns posted him at fourth in the league. This is a major pickup. He’s basically an oversized wide receiver that plays short yardage extremely well. If there is one player to pick up off of the Patriots at all this year, it is Rob. While Brady might play with a new fire, Rob is going to be the recipient of this fire, and should Brady face a suspension, his backup is going to look for a sure handed receiver, which Rob is. It might be better to take Rob before any other receiver. There are plenty of good receivers out there. There aren’t very many great yardage tight ends out there, which is why he’s so special.

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