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Part of the process of playing fantasy NFL football is drafting a kicker for your team. For a lot of players, this is an unfortunate after thought. They do not put a lot of time into figuring out who they are going to put into their kicking role. Part of the problem is probably simply the fact that the kickers do not gain a lot of attention in popular media. However, this is not the right mindset for playing fantasy sports. Instead, you have to always be on the ball with fantasy picks and find the right players to gain those points.

Kickers are critical to the NFL fantasy game as they add on some cheap points to your score for the day. While most NFL level kickers are quite accurate with their kicks, it is important to consider how much a team trusts their kicker. One team may value their kicker highly and trust him to hit the field goal from 55 or more yards on a regular basis. Other teams may have such a lack of confidence in their kicker that they decide to go for it on fourth down rather than take a chance with a long kick.

Finally, when selecting a kicker do not forget to select kickers from teams that are likely to have to kick a lot of field goals. High powered offenses are probably not the way to go simply because they are not likely to even attempt as many field goals as some of the weaker teams.

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