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Finding Value in a Goalie

When it comes to drafting a goalie for any NHL game, there are some basic tips and a few little tricks we can use to find the most value available. By spending too high a on a goalie, you can really limit your options for spending on other positions. It may seem appealing to take Johnny Quick against the Sabres or Carey Price against Arizona, but it will definitely come at a cost. If one is able to draft a sure thing like the above without compromising other positions, then by all means go for it. However, when it is not that easy, there are some tricks we can use to find value.

Starting goalies in the NHL will play between 62-66 games per season on average, the remainder will be spot starts from their back-up or at times, the 3rd goalie in the organization. This is a favorite play for many FanDuel NHL players, their prices are usual cheap and if they have a decent match-up, that makes it’s even sweeter. I wouldn’t suggest this for large field tournaments as at times, there could be more than 50% that choose this tender, resulting in actually less value. In 50/50s and H2H formats, this is a great strategy. These will also work well in Double Up games as well. The benefit of this strategy is to buy low on the goalie and be able to spend massive amounts on skill players who can pot some goals.

When it comes to large tournaments, the above strategy is not great. Most players will known when a low-depth chart goalie is getting the nod, if that team is playing a weak opponent, there will be an extreme amount of line-ups with this netminder. If more than 50% of the people involved in the tournament start that goalie, than their value is not nearly as good anymore. You can almost guarantee that in these situations, a majority of the people will start that goalie. Therefore, to make the most out of your goaltender, starting a mid-level goalie versus a weak opponent would be a good call. Jaroslav Halak versus the Leaf’s would be a good example. Halak is not a huge dollar keeper but he draws some weak match-ups and would be a great example for an affordable goalie.

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