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Getting A MLB Player While He Is On A Roll

If you are the kind of fantasy baseball player who likes to get top talent while they are hot, you are sure to like Adrian Gonzalez at the moment. He is loading up the points when it comes to getting homers hit out of the park. In his most recent appearance, he hit an incredible 3 solo home runs out of the park. He also made contact with the ball on his fourth at bat as well, though that time he had to settle for a single.

This man is on fire right now with his 4 for 4 streak of getting on base or a lot more in the majority of cases. This is the kind of thing that is not often seen at any level of baseball, let alone in the major leagues. It is plenty enough to give a lot of people some pause and time to consider if they should add this player to their roster. If they are the kind of fantasy owner who is on the hunt for some huge point creators, then perhaps this is the right move to make.

Scott Kazmir is another player that the same claim could be made about. While he was not shining when up to bat, he was striking out pitchers left and right. He struck out 10 batters and allowed only one hit when he was last on the mound. This means that he would have added up some serious pitcher points for fantasy owners who had him.

These two individuals are creating some breakout performance type statistics. They are sure to be on the radar of a lot of fantasy owners sooner. If you are a smart player, you are going to need to grab them for your team while they are still available.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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