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Getting Ready For Your Draft Yet?

Football season is just around the corner and it’s for draft strategies and getting your list of “must draft” players together! I’ll share my tips on how I draft and hopefully help you decide when it is the right time to grab players.

Before we get to far into things though, you need to know if you are in a league that rewards passing, running, or receptions more heavily, and also know how special teams will be scored. For example, is your league is one that favors passing by awarding 6 points for a thrown touchdown or award one point per reception? If so, you may want to consider drafting a Quarterback and more WR’s in the earlier rounds.

However if your leagues scoring is more favorable for the scoring of RB’s, it is wise to grab RB’s early and often.  You’ll want to develop your philosophy on how you like to build your team before the draft starts. You should adhere to this as the draft progresses so as not to disrupt the flow of when you like to draft certain positions. What I mean is, if you skip the Quarterback position early, then make sure you get TOP value from other key positions like RB and WR. DO NOT turn into a “homer” and pick players from your favorite team because they are your favorite player. Remember, this isn’t “Fan-boy” football. It’s “Fantasy” football. Sticking to your philosophy and insure you have a well-rounded, competitive team, post draft.

First round I like to grab a top 3 Quarterback, top 5 Running Back, or Top 5 Wide Receiver depending on where my draft position started. I prefer to avoid Quarterbacks until, approximately, the 6th round. There is little difference between a middle of the road Quarterback and an elite Quarterback by the end of the season. Because of this I tend to grab up as many Running Backs and Wide Receivers as I can with my first 5 picks. I grab my starting QB in the 6th round and a TE in the 7th round. By round 9 or 10 I’ll draft my defense, and use the remaining rounds to focus on depth at RB and WR. I finish the draft off with a kicker in one of the final two rounds.

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