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How Much Advantage is Home Field For Fantasy Baseball?

While playing at home usually grants a small boost to a team as far as winning a game goes. Does it actually help out a player’s stat line? We’ll look at a few examples and see if there are any bonuses to starting a player playing in his home park over one playing on the road.

Baseball teams tend to build their rosters around guys that play well in their home park. They didn’t call the old Yankee Stadium “The House that Ruth Built” for nothing. A short right field wall went very nicely with Ruth’s overwhelming power.

When the New York Mets noticed David Wright’s power numbers going down with their move to Citi Field, they decided to move the fences in. How much did the move actually effect Wright?

Consider this, in his first 5 seasons playing at Shea Stadium, in 2,650 at bats Wright hit 66 home runs at home versus 64 on the road. In 2009 the Mets moved to their new home at Citi Field. Since then in 3,057 at bats Wright has hit 46 home runs at home versus 55 on the road. Why the downturn? It could be Citi Field’s dimensions, it could be Wright’s age, the Mets are banking on it being the new dimensions of Citi Field being bigger than the old Shea dimensions.

Baseball is the only major sport that has no hard rules about changing the size of the playing field. This makes it very possible for there to be a home field advantage for the players who play half their games in that ballpark.

Some parks would be an obvious fit for big hitters such as the thin air of Colorado and Coors Field. But, no Rockies batter has ever hit more than 50 home runs in a season. Todd Helton once hit 49, with 27 of them coming at Coors Field while Larry Walker also hit 49 home runs for the Rockies in 1997, but he hit 29 of those on the road.

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