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How Much of an Impact is Home Court Advantage?

When it comes to the NBA, these arenas fill up on a nightly basis in part because of their smaller size compared to NFL games. The NBA fans are extremely loyal and focal, and when their local team takes the court, you can not imagine the thunderous roar the home town crowd makes in support of their favorite team. So you might be wondering how much of an impact is home field advantage in the NBA? Here are just a few reasons the crowds definitely have an impact on the outcome of these games.

The Opposing Free Throws
It is one thing to try and sink a couple free throw shots when the game is on the line, now imagine making those shots with fans booing you, waving banners to distract you, and moving in unison to try and cause you to miss those shots. Now look at the other side when the home team is attempting free throws. The fans are still, quiet, and wait patiently for the shots to be made. Even a couple misses caused by the home town fans can change the outcome of a game when they are close at the end.

Getting in a Players Head
When the opposing team has a player that is outspoken, or can easily be rattled by taunting, you better believe the fans are going to show no mercy on that player every time their hands touch the ball. Each time they pass, shoot, or try to defend, the fans will rise up with a huge roar to get inside that players head. It can be very distracting to be booed each time your hands touch the ball, and add in some snide comments about the player and you have all the making of a marquee player choking under the big lights.

Home Team Encouragement
Nothing can pump up a team or player more than having tens of thousands of screaming fans cheering for them during a game. Whether defending, passing, or breaking away, the thunderous crowd noise can motivate players to play through pain and injury to keep the crowd in their corner and in the heads of the opposing team. Add into the mix the home field arena sound system operator, and you can easily get the crowd screaming with heart pumping music that can make it impossible for opposing teams to function correctly.

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