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How Much Weight Should You Give To Quarterback Selection?

Every year one of the most important questions that NFL fantasy football players have to ask themselves is how much importance they should put on the selection of their Quarterback or Quarterbacks. It is the position that gets the most attention in popular media for sure. However, is it a position that is overrated in fantasy football? As it turns out, probably not.

Quarterbacks are actually becoming increasingly important in an NFL that is gearing up more and more towards the passing game. Records in receiving and passing yards are consistently being set each and every season by players you might not even suspect. This is the kind of effort that the league has put into adjusting the rules to favor passing teams.

Now, NFL teams on relying more on their ability to complete long passes in order to get down field and score more points. As a result, there are more fantasy points going towards quarterbacks. The selection of the right Quarterback makes all the difference in the fantasy league.

There were more Quarterbacks who passed for 30 or more touchdowns in the regular season than ever before in NFL history. As a result, you should be focused on selecting the right Quarterbacks for your own fantasy football league. What you are likely to find is that the more time you put into it, the better your selection and thus the more likely you are to rake in the points that come from having a good Quarterback.

Some publications will try to convince you that Quarterbacks are not as important as they once were. Do not fall for this. What you know is that those players are gaining in influence, not losing it. You can select the right one and outscore your opponents on a regular basis. Look for Quarterbacks that are on particularly pass heavy teams.

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