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With economies on a sluggish path, citizens aren’t the least hopeful of improving life. Don’t get the sentiments twisted. Some of them are enjoying the luxury of a high-paid salary. The troubling fact is that it’s a duty to keep up. Many trading industries have suffered, some fractured beyond repair. Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) has inherited the legacy and is going strong. It’s the latest phenomenon of online entertainment. The admirable fact is that it’s a sustainable program. Top-earning professional DFS extraordinaire Peter Jennings is capping a five-figure salary doing what he enjoys. Jennings has tested the waters of professional poker tournaments and stock trading, and has admitted that he’s found his comfort zone in DFS games.

The Colorado native now an elite DFS shark has handed in his stock trading matrix for a full-time career in Daily Fantasy Sports. He hasn’t abandoned stock trading altogether. But he’s invested a greater focus on making it as a DFS connoisseur. The tournaments of DFS leagues are short. Most of them are within the 24-hour window. The U.S. government supports DFS engagement because of its sophistication by comparison to other online gaming programs in the segment. Participants need skills and superior knowledge to become a successful DFS competitor. It’s a program that calls for dedication. The skills range from constructing complex lineups to tweaking models, watching films to creating strategic projections. Jennings was lucky enough to take home the $150 000 FFFC grand-prize after winning a contest in 2012. The FFFC represents the FanDuel-sponsored championship game of DFS.

Pilar Lastra, Michael McClure, and Tommy G are among the top-ranked DFS veterans in the industry. The Wow-factor is that DFS brings together a diverse set of skillful fanatics. It’s not just open to stock traders. Kansas-State University student, Michael McClure is a brilliant mechanical engineering senior who has developed a fondness of DFS leagues. He’s earning a six-figure income from participation. It’s allowing him to put his concrete mathematical skills into practice. McClure spends every hour of gambling wisely and still keeps ahead of his academics. He’s maintained a high GPA score despite his committed DFS relationship. As a conservative player, McClure indulges in stakes as high as $1000. He’s completing a future career over traditional profiles jobs. He has not decided on which path suits him yet though.

Playboy mansion resident playmate Lastra gained inspiration after meeting Star Streets founder Jeremy Levine and pro-DFS connoisseurs Michael and Tommy; who both won tickets to the Playboy baseball-championship party. Pilar is the face of Star Streets media campaign and a dedicated DFS player. She manages to keep ahead of the competition, despite having high-profile professional modeling career and other commitments outside the arena.Top-ranking DFS player Tommy G takes home a six-figure income every time. He has a high-paying job but wants to focus on DFS commentary in the future since he has a profound sense of the statistical aspects of the leagues. Most of all, he’s up for a challenge. He has many disciplines that he’d gladly incorporate into making the arena a greater place.

Peter Jennings ranks 10th in the DFS world tournament. It’s an honorary feat that has earned him a massive following. He’s a 4th best NBA player and 7th most-talented in NFL based on the DFS statistics. DFS focuses mainly on randomnesses, but sometimes “luck” plays a primal role in a gambler’s chance of success. The DFS revolution is gradually becoming the most sought-after online gaming franchise. FanDuel and other giants are recreating the season-long sports to give fans the ultimate experience.

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