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How Players Perform When They Are Facing Elimination

No matter what the sport a fantasy player is looking at the performance of teams and players in particular circumstances is one of the major factors in determining who is added or removed from a team. In soccer leagues fantasy players often look for striker Mario Gotze when a World Cup comes around, but know his club performances are far less reliable for daily and season long leagues. In North American sports knowing how a player performs when the pressure of the playoffs hits is important for daily leagues and season long fantasy lineups.

When choosing a lineup for an elimination game it is important to remember how a particular player performs in elimination games for the playoffs in NBA and NHL competitions. Perhaps the most famous player in the NBA is LeBron James and he is the ultimate performer in NBA history when teams he appears on are appearing in elimination games. James stats in elimination games through the 2013 season saw him achieve over 30 points per game and outscores Kobe Bryant in similar circumstances who has a points per game average of 21.5. The chance to choose individual players for your team means looking at the chances of a particular player performing well and taking a team on their back in an elimination environment should always be investigated.

Elimination games take place in most sports, including soccer and the NFL where star players are looked upon to make the most of a one off game environment to lead their team to glory. In the 2015 FA Cup in the UK Liverpool’s soccer team faltered when captain and talisman Steven Gerrard failed to match the heights of his earlier career and lead the famous club to victory in the semi-final. Looking at the age of a player can be a good way of judging if they should be included in a fantasy sports lineup, many owners decide there is little room for sentiment in attempting to win any league. Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys is probably the most famous example of a player thought to choke when the pressure of the playoffs is on. Sports are team performances and Romo often plays well in playoff games, but is not supported by those playing alongside him. Team performance can offer as much of an insight into an individuals performance in an elimination game as do individual statistics.

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