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How To Host An NBA Fantasy Draft Party

Part 1: Setting Up The Best NBA Fantasy Draft Party

The NBA fantasy leagues that are ongoing at all times around the country are a lot of fun for the players who are able to engage in them. If you are ready to get in on the action, you may want to consider becoming the host of a league of your own. Of course, to make the experience as fun as possible, you will want to host a draft party to get everyone in the right spirits for the draft.

A draft party starts by everyone coming to the host’s home and setting up everything that they need to start to prepare for the draft. All of the tools for the draft should be set up and ready to go. Some use big white boards, and a lot of laptops in order to make sure all of the available information is presented to everyone in a fair way.

Food and drinks are two must have for a fantasy sports party, but most people are going to be focused on the action at hand. You can expect a lot of buzz about the various draft picks that are about to be made. People are going to try to position themselves as best as possible in the draft. You may even find that some players feed each other bad information in order to gain an edge. Whatever the case may be, you can be sure that there is going to be a lot of excitement around the event.

As things wrap up, make sure that you are a good host who is going to keep everyone informed about the goings on in the league. You can lose an audience pretty quickly if you do not show them that you are able to handle the league and all that goes along with running it.

Part 2: How To Gain Interest In Your NBA Fantasy Draft

Every year when the NBA season is about to start, many are preparing their NBA fantasy drafts. They want to play the fantasy version of the game as they watch their favorite players make incredible plays and compete with one another. However, one stumbling block that some run into is the problem of trying to get others interested in their league as well. There are just not as many NBA fans as there are NFL fans. Some do not even realize that there are fantasy basketball leagues!

What you can do to gain some excitement for your league is to first advertise the fact that you are setting one up. You might tell others around the office about your plans and let them know that they are invited to join. If this still doesn’t seem to be doing the trick, then you can offer cash incentives to get people to play.

If members will invest a small amount of money (say five to twenty dollars), they can get in on the league and compete against everyone else to try to win the league. The overall winner of the league can then take home the big prize. This is sometimes enough to draw out people who might not otherwise play. A little cash incentive never hurt anyone, and it adds a lot of excitement to the league.

Make sure that everyone is aware of the rules of the league and how the scoring works so that there are no disputes about this later. Everyone should be understanding of this and accept the rules that have been laid forth. They are all playing on an equal footing so long as the rules are understood, and that is all that anyone could ask for.

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