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How To Make The Most Out of Your Fantasy Football Trades

Trading is a critical element of any fantasy football league. Not enough players utilize this idea or even capitalize on the valuable trades that are potentially out there. However, those who win their leagues consistently find great trades. So, how can you do it yourself?

First, take a look at some of the projections for how many points a player will score. When taking a look at the very last week of the regular season for last year, one forecasting service determined that Peyton Manning would net 22.3 points on a standard scoring system whereas Cam Newton would bring in only 18.7. Would someone trade you Peyton for Cam? Its unlikely, but at least you would know you were getting the better end of the deal there.

Projection services simply make estimations based on the past. However, the value that they provide should not be underestimated. Many players have commented that they are able to generate more winning weeks because of such services. You have to use a combination of these services as well as your own common sense to figure out if the trade placed before you is one that seriously stands the test of time.

GRFF Staff

GRFF Staff

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