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How to Pick FanDuel NBA Players Valued at $3,500

When drafting a team for any sport in FanDuel chances are if you need a player valued at $3,500 you aren’t going to get a stud. The player will fall into one of either “Steady but not a star” or “High Risk/High Reward” categories. When drafting NBA players in this price range here are some steps to follow that may just help you find that guy that no one else will draft but will give you a great game.

Start with the obvious and find games against teams that tend to give up a lot of points or get blown out quite a bit. Players in the price range you’re looking at will most likely be coming off the bench so you want to maximize their playing time.

Another thing to look for that some players miss is key injuries, both on the team your target is playing for and the opposing team. If a key starter is hurt or has been nursing an injury the chance of your target player getting playing time goes up. If a player on the opposing team is hurt and not playing it changes the way that team will play and could go against how they’ve played all season. The Cavaliers without LeBron are a much different team.

Always look for players that have good ball handling skills. FanDuel penalizes a player 1 point for a turnover. If you are drafting a player for $3,500 you can’t afford him to turn the ball over and lose points, you need each point you can get from him. The high price tag players can afford a few turnovers as they’ll get more playing time than players in this price range.

Look closely at a player’s split stats to see if he plays better on the road or at home and draft accordingly. Home court advantage isn’t as big of a variable in Basketball as it is in most other sports, but it is something to pay attention to.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a better chance of taking a flyer on a player to fill out your roster that can help you win your contest. While you usually won’t find 15-20 points in this price range you can find value.

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