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Indianapolis Colts Fantasy Football studs

As the football season quickly approaches, there are many fantasy football players that are preparing themselves for their fantasy football league drafts. Fantasy football is one of the biggest industries in sports, and many fans take every measure possible to ensure that they have successful fantasy football season. If you are going to have a successful fantasy football season this year, then you need to keep an eye on these fantasy football studs from the Indianapolis Colts.
One of the best players on the Indianapolis Colts is Andrew Luck. Over the past several seasons, Andrew Luck has put up incredible numbers, and he has hot up many players big boards. Many fantasy football analysts expect Andrew Luck to go in the first or second round of most standard scoring leagues, but with a glut of possible starting running backs available, it is possible that Andrew Luck could get drowned out by other players. Luck is a can’t miss prospect this year. Luck is a threat from both the air and on the run. While he may not put up the highest passing numbers in the league, his ability to run will allow him to pick up several six point rushing touchdowns. Also, almost every league in the country allows a tenth of a point for each rushing yard versus a twenty-fifth of a point for each passing yard. Andrew Luck will be a can’t miss fantasy stud this season.

The Colts added a new running back this season in Frank Gore. While some may believe that Frank Gore is too old to be competitive, he still has a great deal of productivity left in him. Frank Gore should be the starting running back in the Colts high powered offense all season. This will lead to significant rushing numbers for Frank Gore and could elevate him to top 12 Running back status. Frank Gore is well known for his ability to power through opposing defenses in order to score touchdowns. His ability to score touchdowns often, elevates Frank Gore to the status of Fantasy Football stud.

Finding the right Wide Receiver for your fantasy football team is critical if you are planning to take home the championship. T.Y. Hilton should prove to be an extremely valuable wide receiver this season. The Colts should move the ball with ease all season and Andrew Luck will rely on many different receivers throughout the season, but it is likely that T.Y. Hilton will be one of the most popular targets throughout the year. His ability to consistently catch the ball will make him a stud in point per reception leagues, while his willingness to get into end zone will give you the burst of points you need to pull out close match ups. Fantasy owners should be coveting T.Y. Hilton this year.

This should be an extremely tough fantasy football season, with many different players offering points each and every week. If you would like for your team to be consistent all year, then you need some of these wonderful Indianapolis Colts players.

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